Our Program

How Our Program Works

The main purpose of She’s All That Charities, Inc. is to provide our students with college or trade school scholarships. Education is the key to long lasting change and that is our goal: to help each student pursue their educational dreams. Through fundraising, grants, and other activities, She’s All That Charities raises money for these scholarships which are then awarded to the girls in our program who have completed the necessary requirements. 

She’s All That Students are identified by their high school counselors as candidates for the program based on the following qualifiers:

  • Come from a broken home and/or have or have had physical/mental trauma in their lives.
  • Have a financial need.
  • Exhibit the ability and desire to succeed.

Selected students fill out an application with their parents and/or legal guardians to assess their need for the program and determine their ability to commit to the requirements and expectations of the program. Once submitted, applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors and either approved or denied by a majority vote of the board.

As part of our program, we facilitate placing students in part-time jobs with employers in the community or within the organization. With these job opportunities, students will learn important work and life skills. Our goal is for each student to learn the importance of being an employable and self sufficient adult. They will earn a paycheck, learn responsibility, and build their resumes.

In addition to providing job opportunities, we also provide each student with a minimum of one (1) adult female mentor. Mentoring programs are an excellent way to provide students with additional support and guidance. They also allow students to form bonds with positive role models. Eligible mentors go through a screening process which includes a background check and an application approval process. 

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